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Watlow® Achieves TR-CU Certification Ensuring the Safety of its Flange Immersion Heaters Sold into Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan 2016-May-12
Watlow® Receives 2015 Supplier of the Year Award from Henny Penny® 2016-Apr-28
Watlow® Introduces its F4T 3.0 with Advanced Data Logging and Trend Charts 2016-Apr-26
Watlow® Introduces New Sensors and Controllers Catalog 2016-Mar-03
瓦特隆电子科技(上海)有限公司荣获ASME压力容器资质 2016-Feb-24
Watlow’s New FLUENT™ In-line Heater Provides on Demand Heating in a Small Package 2016-Jan-19
Watlow® Increases Stocking Levels of SERV-RITE® Thermocouple Wire to Improve Availability of Standard Constructions 2015-Dec-09
Watlow’s New OPTIMAX™ Next Generation Heat Exchanger Helps You Achieve a More Efficient CAPEX 2015-Dec-08
Watlow® Introduces a New Brand Strategy Including a New Logo and Tagline 2015-Dec-08
COMPOSER® with INTUITION® Graphical Software Helps Users Quickly Configure Watlow’s Sophisticated Controllers 2015-Dec-01
Watlow’s New ECO-HEAT® System for Medium Genset Applications Functions as an Internal Load Bank to Maximize Engine Performance 2015-Oct-13
Watlow Unveils its new Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing and Control System - Ideal for RF Environments 2015-Jul-30
Watlow® Increases the Enclosure Temperature Rating On its IECEx ‘e’ Certification for Tubular Flange Heaters 2015-Jul-08
Watlow® Unveils its New F4T with INTUITION® ¼ DIN Process Controller with Touch-Screen Technology 2015-May-27
瓦特隆® 中国上海工厂获得了‘F’系列浸入式法兰加热器 IEC Ex‘d’隔爆产品生产资质 2015-Mar-17
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